If you are not ready to complete your forms immediately after purchase, or have ordered now to reserve your space in the print queue, please communicate this with the team so we can input you into our design timeline for later in the year. We will then provide you with a key date we need your text and colour submissions by. If you do not keep to this timeline, we will not be able to fulfil your pieces and reserve the right to refund the order, as well as charge for any design time.


Included in your order are two rounds of digital proofs. We will design your first proof exactly as specified in your order, and include the custom text details you have supplied.

You then have a round of revisions should you require changes to your design. Any revisions after this point will be charged at £40 per round. 

Changes to designs:

Change Fees may or may not apply when changing your selected collection’s design/layout. Any changes other than wording/minor layout adjustments such as colour changes will need to be requested via email and will be quoted as required starting at a rate of £50. If you'd like changes, please get in touch with us before placing an order.  


All items except for signage are solid in quantities of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100. Please select your quantity from these options, keeping in mind for invitation orders, that you will have couples and families invited that only require one invite between 2 or more guests. If you need more than 100 pieces, get in touch with us for a quote.

Please confirm final quantities required before placing your order. All order quantities include high quality, matching stock envelopes. Smith & The Magpie is not able to provide a refund on any leftover quantities you may have. We always recommend ordering at least 10 spares (of everything except signage) just in case you need them later, as reprints are very costly.

In the event you would like to increase your item quantities after placing your order, we can simply issue an invoice to your email address for this additional cost. Please note, this will be more costly if done after your initial pieces have gone to print, so we recommend checking your required quantities as you approve your final proof - just in case.

Digital copies:

We understand you may want a digital copy of your piece. For all quantities of over 100 pieces, we offer a JPEG file that you can distribute as you wish, free of charge. For all other order quantities, if you would like a digital file to send out, we charge £40 for this. The final files will be emailed to the client in JPEG format. Clients are responsible for their own sending, and we take no responsibility for any errors with your email software (such as emails going to guests junk folder) or online sending platform.


Our invites come unassembled. If you'd like us to assemble them we're more than happy to do this, but will need to charge a little extra for our time. Let us know if you'd like us to do this and we can provide you a quote. 

Changes to Paper Stock or Colours:

If you don't like the paper stock or have a specific request, please just ask! We have lots of options available that are not all listed online. We can send you images or include swatches in sample packs to help you make your decision.

Colours and designs are fixed with our collections however, if you would like to alter these please get in touch, design fees apply. We are able to colour match from bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangement or any other inspiration you may have. 

We strongly recommend ordering a sample pack prior to placing your order, to ensure that paper and print colours are to your expectation. We will not refund or reprint orders on the basis of a dislike of a colour or paper stock. 

Proof Reading:

Your approval in writing via a Digital Proof PDF document, acts as final approval of the designs exactly as they appear within the Digital Proof. It is your responsibility to carefully proof all artwork and check for any spelling errors or other details.

In no event will Smith & The Magpie be responsible for incorrect text, omissions or any other mistakes on your artwork, regardless of what was supplied in your content sheet. It is the customer's responsibility to check and approve the wording they have provided.

If you discover an error within the text after the digital proof has been approved, Smith & The Magpie will revise the design, but the customer will be responsible for the re-printing fee of the printed material.

If final prints do not match the designed content represented in the final digital proof that has been approved, we will offer a reprint of the order free of charge, and deliver this as soon as possible to remedy our error.


Due to certain products being custom made to order, Smith & The Magpie cannot offer returns or exchanges of any kind in the event of customer dissatisfaction or order cancellation of printed stationery items. If you are unhappy with the items then please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation.

We strongly recommend ordering a sample pack prior to placing your order, to ensure that paper and print colours are to your expectation. We will not refund or reprint orders on the basis of a dislike of a colour or paper stock.  

Sample Packs:

To ensure customers are happy with card stock, colours choices, and to make the ordering process as smooth as possible, Smith & The Magpie has a policy to refund the cost of sample packs ordered when a subsequent full order is placed. This applies to a maximum of 3 sample packs to the value of £17.97 and does not apply to custom colour requests. 

Publishing and Promotion:

We reserve the right to post any images of our work on all social media channels and our website. We will never publish your address or contact details or any guest addresses. If you specifically do not want your invites or wedding stationery on social media, please advise us in writing at the time of your booking.

If you wish to post pictures of our work on social media then we'd love to you to tag us! 


All artwork and images are owned by Smith & The Magpie and we maintain full legal ownership of the artwork included within your printed stationery. Under no circumstances may Smith & The Magpie artwork be reproduced or repurposed within any print or digital media, resold or otherwise used for personal or commercial gain.  

All designs are the copyright and property of Smith & The Magpie.


When browsing our website, select your currency in the upper left selection box. Prices will be adjusted to your local currency using approximate exchange rates. The order will be charged in GBP.

Smith & The Magpie is not responsible for any currency exchange fees charged by your bank or financial institution. If we need to invoice you for any additional changes, these will be invoiced in GBP.  


Delivery is provided by Royal Mail or DPD, based on the total weight of your order and is automatically calculated at checkout. Delivery times may vary, but tracking information is provided with every DPD package. 

International shipments are subject to duties and taxes determined by the destination country. Smith & The Magpie is unable to offer information regarding importation fees, and strongly encourages you to inquire with your local customs office for information prior to placing an order. These fees are the sole responsibility of the customer, and will not be represented in your basket upon placing your order. Local taxes payable on our products are also the responsibility of the customer. Smith & The Magpie are not responsible for delays in items held in customs, and strongly advises international customers to order well in advance in case these delays occur.

If you have any questions or queries about our terms and conditions please get in touch with us.

By placing an order with Smith & The Magpie you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.