Linen Wedding Signs - Stands and Tips on How To Display Your Sign



Wooden Stands

We had our oak stand (most featured on our website) made by a local carpenter. If you're looking to get one made, we recommend 5-10cm either side for the banner to have room to move, so the stand would need to be around least 70-80cm in width as our banners come as a 60cm width as standard.

The height on the stand depends on the look you're after, the one shown in our image here is a 180cm banner on a 150cm height stand, so there is 30cm of excess linen for the draped look, with the fabric pooling on the floor.

We ensured our stand had a removable bar across the top which means this can be threaded through the banner pole pocket and displayed on the stand with ease. However if you dont have this option, the linen can always be folded over the top bar and secured with velcro easily. 


Metal Stands

Black powder coated stands are also a popular choice for displaying our linen sigange. These can be found on Etsy with many sellers using either a square profile or pipe work style framing. Do check with your florist, stylist or venue to see if they have these as a hire option as generally these are localised hire options depending on where your wedding location is.

You may also find searching online for a clothes/garment rail or rack is a great alternative to sourcing an actual wedding sign stand. Using the suggested above dimensions, many websites such as IKEA, Wayfair, Amazon etc have these that are available for delivery and therefore come flatpack for you to assemble at your wedding venue. This usually also means the top bar is detachable for threading the linen on to the display. It's just important to bear in mind shelving may need to be removed and ensure you test the stability before displaying.

Some options that may work for you, depending on your linen size chosen and styling preferences linked below, please double check dimensions before ordering:

Pipe Dream Furniture - Black Metal Rail (custom sizing available) - £79.95 

Amazon - Metal Clothes Rail - £32.99

Homebase - Bamboo Garment Rack - £36.00

JYSK - Black Metal Clothes Rail (small width) - £20.00

JYSK - Wooden Clothes Rail (large width) - £79.99



Using Your Venue Features

No stand, no problem! Make the most of your venue and show off its' features by displaying your linen on a textured wall, between trees or draped over a wooden beam or furniture item. 

Use velcro to fold over the top of the banner and secure, or thick cotton string through the pole pocket and tie on to hang. You can also thread through a piece of wooden dowling found at hardware stores and attach your choice of ribbon, velvet or cotton string to make this a feature.


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